Honey Bee Removal Service

About Us

Honey Bees on Comb We have years of experience removing honey bee hives from homes & commercial structures.  We are experienced beekeepers and our carpenter has 30 years experience in construction.  We can remove the bees and repair the area.  We are fully insured and very professional.  We are the ones pest control companies call for honey bee removal.
We specialize in preserving the honey bee colony and relocating it to a new location.  We use the bee’s natural honey comb in the new hive and save as much brood as possible to ensure the integrity of the colony.   We have a custom made vacuum system that has proved to remove the bees with little harm to the bees.

Why remove the colony?

Residential Bee RemovalHoney bee colonies need to be fully removed from a building by exposing the hive, removing the bees and honey comb, sealing the cavity to prevent other colonies from moving in.  If bee colonies are not properly removed from a building, the honey comb will attract other pests like roaches, ants, mice etc.  There are pest called wax moths that will attack the honey comb and turn it into a black slime that can cause black mold to form where the hive was located.
If the honey comb is not removed and the bees are trapped out or killed the unprotected comb will begin to drip and attract other pests.  Dripping honey can drip onto ceilings or down the wall cavity causing the drywall to collapse due to the moisture.
Also, if you poison the colony the bees could carry the poison to other colonies.  Bees are very important to humans, they pollinate our food.  Honey bees have been on the decline for many years now and we need them.  We urge you to have us remove your bees and help save the honey bee.

Will the colonies move out on their own or die over the winter?

Commercial Bee RemovalUnfortunately for owners who have bees move in, our construction practices provide honey bees with the perfect space and protection to thrive.  Colonies can grow to 100.000 bees and will live for years.  The queen bee can lay 2,000 eggs a day and the colony will make a new queen when she gets tired.

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